Specialist Services

We know our onions!  At Creative Gardening Solutions we know weeds from our flowers, thanks to out trained Grounds Operatives and Qualified Horticulturalists.

First impressions count and it is important for businesses and proud home owners alike, to create a weed free and maintained garden that is a joy to be in.  Effective weed control is a part of our everyday business, and we are here to help.

Effective weed control management is crucial to maintaining your premises, and should not be a one stop approach.  We offer a variety of weed control services, tailored to suit your needs.  We offer advice for the short and long term, and will always offer our extensive experience to ensure you receive the perfect weed control solution.

Legal responsibility for Japanese Knot Weed – do you know your responsibilities when dealing with the UK’s biggest weed control problem?  Land owners are suffering from this highly invasive weed, and in some cases either causing costly damage to property and / or unable to sell houses, land, buildings.

Are you suffering from Japanese Knot Weed? We offer a range of treatment services using up to date proven techniques in managing this invasive weed.  Our trained and qualified Team are happy to offer best solutions and advice. Contact us today for your no obligation FREE QUOTATION and advice

Not sure if you have Japanese Knot Weed?  Don’t put it off until it’s too late.  Japanese Knot weed is easier to treat the earlier it is diagnosed.  Even if you have treated it yourself and the stems appear dead, this menace can return up to 5 years later.  


Limited Hedging offer: We will supply you with hedging plants (Pyracantha and Berberis) to be planted by the team,… https://t.co/NIkc8epYg8

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We have logs to keep you warm and grit to keep you safe, give us a call if you need either.… https://t.co/XTRrGe6KxH