Arboriculture - Tree Surveys & Consultation

Here at Creative Gardening Solutions Ltd Safety is our number one priority. All of our work is undertaken by qualified and experienced arboriculturists. This guarantees that completed work meets, or exceeds, British Safety standards (BS 3998 & 5837).

We provide Arboricultural Consultancy and as part of our service. Providing a wide range of tree reports, tree plans and can offer you a detailed Tree Survey Service.

Creative Gardening Solutions Ltd have extensive experience in the Management of Public and Private Sector Estates, including:

  • Schools
  • Property Companies / Portfolios
  • Woodlands
  • Country Parks
  • Golf Courses
  • Business Parks
  • Housing Estates
  • Commercial and Residential

If you have an existing Tree Management Plan or looking to create a new one, we are here to help.

We’ll ensure they are legally defendable.  Furthermore, you can be rest assured that we will maintain your trees in line with current health and safety requirements.

Why Choose Us?

  • Competitively Priced / Free Quotations / Fixed Pricing
  • Fully qualified and members of the Arboricultural Association
  • Over 30 years experience in dealing with Trees
  • Transparent process – We let you know what you should expect within our processes.
  • Fully insured. Professional Indemnity Insurance to the value of £5 million.

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How Do We Help Our Tree Survey Clients?

Companies, Landowners and Developers, commonly require a tree survey report. Tree Surveys are designed to provide key and essential information that highlight potential legal implications to developments, or currently occupied land / property(s). This includes any new build construction work, refurbishment and renovation of existing properties, tree surveys conducted for health and safety reasons, or to help with insurance and mortgage conditions for homeowners.

Here at Creative Gardening Solutions Ltd we will tailor a Tree Survey to suit your needs, with clear detail on any potential legal implications along with as well as listing any disease or decay that may be affecting prominent trees in the area. You can then use the information provided by your tree surveyor to inform and support your planning application.

We have the experience to of a wide variety of issues, along with working to the strict standards and guidelines  set by the Arboriculture Industry. You can be assured that our Tree Survey Reports will be of high standard, and able to deliver practical and cost-effective innovative solutions to your needs.

Tree Planning and Construction (BS5837)

If you are proposing site works, demolition or construction in proximity to a tree, there is a potential for damage to the tree and its growing conditions from the works and vice versa. Also, if there are trees on or around your site, or within impacting distance of proposed works (Inc. groundworks / construction etc.), you will need arboricultural guidance to inform and support your planning application.

We complete our Tree Surveys to British Standard 5837: 2012 (Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition, and Construction).

How does this affect me?  When planning for your project, it is imperative that all tree related policies follow BS5837 to ensures defensible Arboriculture applications, and reduce time delays commonly associated with planning applications.

You need to know that even if your construction, demolition project is in proximity to a tree you are at risk in damaging said tree / growing conditions. This will impact your planning application and will need to be included within your Tree Survey Report.

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Health & Safety Tree Surveys

Creative Gardening Solutions Ltd provide Tree Survey Reports to identify Health & Safety and Tree Risk Management. Our reports include a visual tree assessment including structural and physical condition and surrounding environmental factors.

Tree owners have a legal responsibility and duty of care to ensure the safety of their land / land vicinity, property, and visitors. This falls under legislation Occupiers Liability Act 1984. This ruling applies to all tree owners, both commercial and domestic.

Tree Management can range from a single tree to estate land and forests. Whichever category you fit in, you need to ensure reasonable measures of safety of your trees and show regular tree inspections have been carried out by a competent person. Our Tree Survey Reports support your Risk Management, identifying any risks and guidance for managing your trees into the future.

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Tree Reports for Mortgage / Insurance

Creative Gardening Solutions Ltd are able to provide a tailored Tree Survey Report homebuyers and homeowners in respect of a home purchase or mortgage / insurance renewal. Our Tree Survey Reports take into consideration trees that have impacting factors within nearby structures, reviewing risks including foreseeable concerns, and direct or indirect potential damage to permanent building structures including subsidence.

Additional information can be detailed in our Tree Survey Report to include both your Tree Stock and a recommended Management plan going forward, as well as potential damage to the likes of driveways, paths etc. We also can include general vegetation as damage is a common cause and contributed by shrinking soils, root displacement, stem / branch contact etc.

Early identification and recommendations will allow preventative tree stock management, pruning works and tree felling to be undertaken.

We provide arboricultural reports for your insurer and work closely with loss adjusters, solicitors and your neighbours to establish the cause of the damage and provide a suitable solution.

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Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas

Are you in a Conservation Area or is your tree covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)?

Creative Gardening Solutions Ltd are able to undertake Tree Survey Report and include checking for any TPO that may be in place on your tree stock.

If your Tree stock comes under either a TPO or in a Conservation area you will need to contact and gain permission from your council to undertake any work. As apart of our service we can do this for you, taking out the stress of application process for you.

It is common practice for our Surveyors to submit TPO works applications. Combined with our reports we have the experience to produce detailed tree work recommendations to support your requests. We also can advise the best course of action for your tree stock.

If you would like to find out more about our Tree Survey Services it is easy to get in touch. You can contact our helpful team by calling 01384 411 275 or by Contact us today for a Free and Fixed Cost quotation.